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The United Fruit Historical Society website is a place to exchange knowledge on the United Fruit Company. Good quality papers on this subject have been written all over the world but remain unknown by those who could potentially benefit from them. Your unpublished paper can be an excellent source for a researcher. Give your paper exposure to the growing community of scholars dedicated to the history of United Fruit. Please, allow us to list a link or abstract from your unpublished paper or essay.

How does it work?
The manuscripts' page will have a list of unpublished papers including the author's name, author's information, title of the paper, abstract of the paper, and author's email address. We will not have the actual paper on the website. It will be up to the author to share his/her paper with whoever requests it.

I wrote a paper on United Fruit or the history of the banana industry and I want people to know of its existence. What should I do?
If you want the information on your paper to be posted in the United Fruit Historical Society website, send us an email ( or and tell us a little about your research background, the purpose of the paper, and your current occupation.

The United Fruit Historical Society reserves the right to accept or reject any application, and might also request additional information. We might also edit the abstracts for clarity and space purposes.

If I send my paper to the United Fruit Historical Society, what happens to my copyright?
Whether you decide to send your paper or not, the United Fruit Historical Society will respect your copyright ownership of it. We will never put it on the website, publish it, or distribute it without the author's written authorization. When using information of a paper, the source will be quoted.

What are the benefits for the authors?
The United Fruit Historical Society website is one of the first entries shown by the search engines when typing "United Fruit Company." More than two hundred people a week visit this website. Therefore, having the information of your paper in this website gives you the potential of an enormous audience. This can be translated in the creation of a professional network for future colaborations or even publications. This service is free.
The information contained in this website is absolutely free. However, we request users to quote this website as their source when using material obtained here.

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